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Latest news

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Lead World Cup: Back to the Hexagon

While our Speed athletes take a break from the World Cup, the best Lead athletes in the world return to France on July 22nd-23rd for the third event of 2016...

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High Five for Tokyo 2020

Show your support for Sport Climbing's Olympic bid!

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Garnbret and McColl on top in Villars

The Lead Finals for the Women wrapped up in identical fashion to Chamonix due to the same two-hand dynamic move to slopers near the Top.

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Speedy Repeat: Dzienski, Jaubert Win Aga…

Marcin Dzienski of Poland and Anouck Jaubert of France won Gold in Villars tonight, only days after their Speed victory in Chamonix. They are now ranked first in the World...

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Villars World Cup: change

Please note that the warming zone will be at the Centre des Sports de Villars - Tennis couverts.

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First Villars World Cup

For the first time, the IFSC World Cup will travel to Villars, Switzerland, for the second Lead and fourth Speed event of the 2016 season.

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Chamonix Lead Word Cup: Two golds for Sl…

Domen Skofic returned to strong form, and Slovenian teammate Janja Garnbret won her first World Cup Gold. 

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Dzienski, Jaubert Battle Weather for Win

Despite adverse weather conditions and a postponed Finals, Anouck Jaubert of France defended her Speed title in Chamonix and Marcin Dzienski of Poland won the second Gold of his IFSC...

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Revised Chamonix Schedule

The Speed Finals in Chamonix will now take place at 13:00. Below is the revised schedule for today's events, subject to change with weather:

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Speed Finals Postponed

Due to weather, the Speed Finals in Chamonix have been postponed. They will now take place on Tuesday, July 12th. The revised schedule will be determined tomorrow, and updates are...

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Susi Knabl Passes Away

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Susi Knabl from the IFSC family. Her battle with cancer ended peacefully yesterday morning. “Yesterday, we lost a beloved member...

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Chamonix World Cup: Change

Please note that, further to some changes, the registration, the Technical Meeting, the photo shoot and the cocktails move from the Congress Center "le Majestic" to the E.N.S.A.

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Mid-Season Report 2016

The World Cup in Vail has ended and the Lead/Speed World Cup in Chamonix does not begin until July 11. In the meantime, our team remains hard at work.

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IFSC moves to a New Office

Sport Climbing is growing fast, and so is the IFSC. To face the increasing workload of the IFSC Departments we hired two new full-time resources in the last six months...

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Media: Don’t Forget to Register

The IFSC team and Event Organizers are thrilled to welcome professional representatives of the media to the second half of the 2016 season. If you would like to attend an...

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