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The Best Show of Sport Climbing

History Continues in Arco

Japan Sweeps Gold in Munich, Narasaki and Coxsey Overall Champs

Next LIVE: Bouldering Finals Men 17:30 (GMT+2)

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Combined: McColl Repeats, Krasovskaia Wo…

Thousands of fans gathered in the beautiful AccorHotels Arena to celebrate all four disciplines of Sport Climbing and the final day of the 2016 IFSC Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships...

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Lead: Back-to-Back Titles for Ondra

It is hard to imagine a better finish to these IFSC World Championships than what took place in the Men Lead Finals.

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Speed: Tsyganova World’s Fastest

Anouck Jaubert of France faced-off in the semi-final against Russian Iuliia Kaplina, the current Speed World Record holder.

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Paraclimbing: Guardia Ferrer Inspires

Men AL-2 (leg amputees) finalists impressed at the AccorHotels Arena on Sunday as well.

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Bouldering: Tears of Celebration from Kl…

The emotional grand finale started with Women Bouldering Finals at noon.

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IFSC World Championships Day Four: Packe…

Breathtaking climbs, standing ovations, national four in Paris had it all!

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2016 Athletes' Commission Results

The 2016 Athletes' Commission elections were held at the IFSC World Championships in Paris. The results are as follows: President: Sean McColl CAN Lead representatives: Delaney Miller USA and Jakob Schubert...

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Press Conference: From Bercy to Tokyo

Sport Climbing has grown significantly since the previous IFSC World Championships in Paris in 2012, and today FFME and IFSC dignitaries spoke on the positive evolution of the sport.

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IFSC World Championships Day Three: Firs…

The spotlight was on and the crowd was loud for the third day of the 2016 IFSC World Championships.

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IFSC World Championships Day Two: Semi-F…

The second day of Qualifications were as exciting as the first, and many elite Athletes made the cut!

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Perfect Descent Official Speed Auto-Bela…

Following the Sport Department proposal, Executive Board decision and announcement at the 2016 IFSC Plenary Assembly in Iran, the IFSC called for proposals from manufacturers wishing to provide Automatic Belaying...

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IFSC World Championships Day One: Matchi…

After much anticipation, the doors of the AccorHotels Arena opened today for the first round of the 2016 IFSC Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships in Paris. The atmosphere was electric...

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Olympic Format and Paraclimbing Category…

The IFSC would like to inform athletes and coaches of the following meetings to be held in the AccorHotels Arena. The Olympic Format meeting will be held Friday September 16th, 2016...

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Athlete Commission Elections in Paris

The Athlete Comission elections will be held in the AccorHotels Arena during the Paris World Championships. Voting takes place on Friday, September 16th, 2016  from 1100hrs- 1400hrs and 1630hrs- 1830hrs Saturday, September 17th...

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Media Training Workshop held in Paris

In the framework of the IFSC World Championships, the IFSC offered a Media Training Event in the Paris ArccorHotels Arena for National Federations and Athletes, with thirteen Federations and thirty...

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